Norvergence – Years of Living Dangerously (Dry Season)

The team Norvergence always tries to pull out events from the past that are directly or indirectly connected to the environment and climate change. One such a real topic is “Years of Living Dangerously” an American documentary television series focusing on global warming. The documentary is divided into different episodes and sessions each revolving around climate change and global warming.

The team Norvergence brought this documentary series in the limelight as it covers almost all the events related to climate change. The other reason to talk about this documentary is that the events related to climate change and its effects are beautifully shown which somewhere touches the viewer’s heart.

This documentary will remind you that “the planet is a unified system, what happens in one corner of the globe, impacts us all.”

Dry Season

The dry season specifically emphasizes climate change and points towards the civil war in Syria and the job loss in Texas as a result of climate change.

The deforestation in Indonesia, driven by the global appetite for products like paper and palm oil has turned the country into one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. People set fire to dense jungles so that they can plant palm trees and harvest highly lucrative palm oil. In the process of deforestation, the money-minded people do not realize the tons of carbon released into the air that had been stored for hundreds of years both in the trees and in the peat-laden ground supporting them.

Another major concern that is highlighted in the dry season is the severe droughts in different parts of the world. The greenhouse gases resulting from those fire drives climate change adds to the cause of civil war in Syria. Thomas Friedman a political commentator and author investigated how droughts contributed to the civil war in Syria.

He traced the roots of Syria’s civil war to the worst drought in the country’s modern history lasting from 2006 to 2010. The farmers complained about their suffering and the government who did nothing to help them. The droughts in Syria forced more than 2 million people to move from the country to the city whereas the reports show that approximately 1 million of the farmers of the country lived in extreme poverty. 

Whereas on the other hand, people lost their jobs in Texas when the local meatpacking plant closed after a three-year drought devastated the state’s cattle herd.



Climate change has shown its impact on almost every corner of the world. It is the root cause of many disputes in the past and can cause many in the coming time. Issues like droughts, deforestation, and the release of dangerous gases in the atmosphere are still a matter of concern.

Norvergence supports all such platforms and sources that promote environmental protection and spreads awareness about climate change. To grab the attention of the reader towards issues related to climate change the documentary “Years of Living Dangerously” is recommended. The members at norvergence feel that such documentaries are more engaging and informative as compared to any short video published related to environment protection.