Norvergence: USA police Killed More Unarmed Black Men

Norvergence: USA police Killed More Unarmed Black Men

Norvergence: In light of the across the country Black Lives Matter revolution (we must say) after the demise of George Floyd, Charlie Kirk, the organizer and leader of the traditionalist gathering Turning Point USA, posted an announcement on Facebook.

Black Americans Killed in the United States

Norvergence: Kirk asserted in a video presented on Facebook during the Blackout Tuesday crusade that, as per the Washington Post’s database of police shootings, police killed eight unarmed Black men in 2019. Other Facebook pages have reposted the video, adding to its viewership.

Norvergence: Kirk utilizes this figure while contending that fundamental prejudice doesn’t exist inside law enforcement, in the USA. He didn’t specify in the video that Black Americans make up 13% of the populace “however are murdered by police at more than double the pace of white Americans,” as the Post detailed.

He likewise didn’t specify, as clarified by Naomi Zack in her book on racial profiling and police manslaughter that “when 4.4 million arbitrary stop and searches were directed in New York City, during the period from 2004 2012.