Norvergence – The Pity Condition of Environmentalists

The aim of the Norvergence team behind this article is to make people aware of the threat and danger faced by environmentalists in the path of raising their voice against the activities that harm the environment.

According to an investigation report named, “Deadly Environment,” around 147 environmentalists were murdered in 2012 and the number went to 210 in 2017.

The London- based organization, Global witness who presented the report has given a statement, “Governments fail to protect their environmentalists due to multiple reasons and also international communities haven’t taken the issue seriously.”

Let’s read more about the environmentalists who faced the assault and were dragged to death in the article named “Environmental Activities Being Killed Globally: Why are World leaders still silent?”

The article talks about the protest stories of environmentalists living in countries like Latin America, Asia, and Russia. The reasons and the condition of the environmentalists after being humiliated are briefly described in this article.