Norvergence: Octopus can go blind due to Climate Change

Norvergence: Octopus can go blind due to Climate Change

Yesterday, an environmentalist at Norvergence read an eye-opener article at the website, Live Science. A research is published in the Journal of Speculative Biology that explains the importance of the amount of oxygen in the vision of marine invertebrates such as octopuses, crabs, and squids, etc.

Source - Science Times

The team at Norvergence further analyzed the study and found that the scientists did an experiment by exposing four species of marine animals (a squid, an octopus, two carbs) to reduced-oxygen environments for around 30 minutes.

The result was threatening as even a little drop of oxygen level led to an absolute vision loss in marine animals.

Lillian McCormick who is a doctoral candidate at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California said: “As ocean oxygen levels continue to drop because of climate change, the issue will get worse in the future.”

Norvergence appeals to all the people across the globe that, “please reduce the consumption of things that emits greenhouses gases” so that the global warming level decreases and animals can live a healthy life.