Norvergence: Loss of Biodiversity

Environmentalists at Norvergence are working for the protection of marine life from the effects of global warming. The marine life is in danger as a result of booming plastic products and the industry’s mismanagement of waste disposal.

The team Norvergence has aimed to make the oceans clean and protect marine life. The video “Marine animals are dying and it’s our fault” is a short attempt of the Norvergence team to spread awareness about the plastic waste disposed of in the oceans and the effect on marine life.

We cannot ignore the fact that our careless efforts have resulted in the extinction of more than 700 marine species. Still, we have time to control the damage and for that, we need to be aware of all the facts and activities that are contributing towards the danger to marine life.

Watch the video “Marine animals are dying and it’s our fault” to visually feel the damage caused to marine life by human activities.