Norvergence LLC: Can Tree Plantation Help to Solve Climate Change Issues?

Tree plantation has the potential to make only a limited contribution to reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The team Norvergence LLC is working with its volunteers to create awareness about this fact that we should avoid excessive tree plantation.

The researchers have pointed out that the survival rate of the tree planted is very less due to no proper knowledge of tree and the environmental conditions it can survive in, the technique to plant a tree is wrong or the most common fact that no one looks after the trees that are planted.

Whereas the recent report presented by the researchers at Norvergence states that “it the greenhouse gas emission” that needs to be controlled first and should be the first priority to fight climate change. Secondly, trees help in cleaning up the atmosphere and should be considered the second priority to fight climate change.

Each one of us who plans a tree plantation drive should focus on the facts like:

  • In what number should the tree be planted.
  • The person planting trees should know the right techniques the survival rate of plants decreases.
  • The tree type, atmospheric conditions, and other related statistics should be clear beforehand.
  • You should have the permission for tree plantations as many a time the trees get pulled off as they are planted in someone’s private property.

Trees need care and right atmospheric condition to survive, only then they can contribute towards any issue.