Norvergence – Global Warming and Cryosphere

The researchers at Norvergence are currently working on reports that talk about the cryosphere and the reasons behind the glacier melting. The cryosphere is a collective term used for those parts or portions of Earth’s surface where water is present in solid form like glaciers, ice caps, snow cover, lake ice, river ice, ice sheets, etc.

The issue here with the cryosphere is that they are melting at a very high rate and the cause behind it is global warming. When such frozen bodies melt the effect can be seen in the form of rising sea levels, rise and fall in landmasses.

The melting of these water bodies like glaciers causes:

    • Increase in water flow and creates stream valleys and rivulets. It also creates glacial lakes, which can lead to floods, mountain tsunamis, etc.
    • Isostatic rebound when the land underneath the ice sheets rebound upwards due to the melting of the ice sheet, For example, parts of Canada and Scandinavia have risen dramatically since the ice sheets disappeared, exposing new land along the shorelines.
    • The rise in sea level.

The melting of ice is the result of global warming as the sudden rise in the atmospheric temperature has resulted in the non-seasonal melting of ice at high speed. The analysis report titled “ Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate” talks about all the causes and effects of the cryosphere. This analysis report was released by more than 100 scientists from 30 countries which again brought the cryosphere topic in limelight.

Why Cryosphere is important for Earth?

The scientists at Norvergence say that yes the cryosphere is important for the Earth and we need to find solutions to stop this sudden melting of the frozen ice.

    • The cryosphere controls the global sea level and cools the planet.
    • It also affects storm patterns and currents around the world.
    • During the seasonal snow melting period, fresh water is used for drinking and irrigation purposes.

All these reasons make it essential for us to be more efficient with human activities that cause an increase in global warming level. The research at Norvergence adds by saying that the heat on the earth can not be controlled without the cryospheres. Whereas the sudden rise in the isostatic rebound of land is also not a good sign as it indicates drinking water scarcity in the coming future.