Norvergence: Climate Change is Man-Made

Years have passed and we still blame that the changes occurring in the climate are caused by man and their development ideas. The environmentalist and research of the environmental NGOs like Norvergence have tried every method to make the man-kind realize that what activities are contributing the most towards the climatic change and what are the actions and dangers associated with them.

Man creates and man destroys is a creating saying that perfectly fits in this situation. For example, if we compare the incident of the Hiroshima bombing, a man created an event that destroyed human life and the environment.

Hiroshima bombing being such a big destructive event exploded with an energy of about 63,000,000,000,000 Joules which is really very high whereas the amount of heat that we have put in the world’s oceans in the past 25 years is equal to 3.6 billion Hiroshima atom-bomb explosions.

This clearly means that the man and its activities are still contributing to climate change and global warming. It’s time to analyze where our efforts lack and improve it as if we can not control the climate changes now we will be helpless in the next 25 years with a major drop in survival and health rate.