Norvergence – Climate Change and Agriculture in South Asia

The countries of South Asia depend on agriculture for their livelihood as it is the source of income for half the population in South Asia. The team Norvergence has conducted a survey of the countries of South Asia and found a major drop in the productivity level in the past five years till now.

The facts about agriculture productive of the countries of South Asia are changing due to climate change issues like floods, increased frequency, and intensity of storms, etc resulting in destruction and crop failure.

Climate change and South Asia’s pending food crisis is a major topic of concern as half the population depends on agriculture and face trouble to continue with the production due to climate change issues in the region. The challenge to secure food for South Asia’s growing population is exacerbated by the threats of climate change.

Crop failure has affected the consumption patterns and the price of the food items. The government needs to plan a way out for this issue of increasing food prices and scarcity of food items. The other concern here is the quality that is being affected due to the increasing demand and the false practices the farmers are trying to increase productivity.

Climate impacts, such as floods, sea-level rise and salt intrusion, increased frequency, and intensity of storms and pests plus the increasing water scarcity continues to reduce the yield of crops and threaten the food security of farmers.

Agriculture in South Asia 1

The environmentalist at Norvergence supports the farmers and appeals to the government that the burden to adapt to changing climate should not be left on farmers but the governments in South Asia should assist them in adapting to changing the climate.