Norvergence – Bhopal Gas Disaster

The industrial accident that took the lives of more than 3,747 people on the streets of Bhopal on 3rd December 1984. This accident has now become a lesson for all and a research topic for NGOs like Norvergence to study the cause and effects from an environmental point of view as well as from a human health point of view.

This industrial accident is named as “The Bhopal Gas Tragedy” or “The Bhopal Gas Disaster.” As per the reports, the accident was a result of the negligence of the management of a company named “The Union Carbide Corporation.” Thy reports point towards the leakage in the plant that was noticed by the workers but no immediate action was taken. The company used chemicals and gases to produce pesticides and toxic gas that leaked from the plant that day was “methyl isocyanate.”

After the leakage, there were thousands of people rushing to the hospital with complaints like dizziness, breathlessness, skin irritation, rashes, and some others responded sudden blindness. It was very difficult for the hospital’s staff and doctors to attend all the patience as they were clueless about the cause behind this sudden illness and on the other hand, the hospital staff was suffering too.

Whereas the company workers said that the company was suffering loss and the officials were in favor of selling the company. The management slowed down the maintenance activities after the decision was passed to sell the company.

Clearly, the incident and the statements recorded show that this was an accident that could have been avoided if the company paid attention to safety. Whereas the company paid $470 million as compensation. The researchers and doctors said that even after years of there were still some cases reported like disability by birth caused as a side effect of the toxic gas. 

The environmentalist at Norvergence said this industrial accident took away the lives of many people, animals and destroyed the beauty of the city. The people who survived this accident were suffering from burns, irritation and breathing problems. The government tried to help the victims but monetary help could not payback the family members they lost. The research at Norvergence said that it was not that easy to watch videos related to the incident as they could feel the sufferings and pain of the people. 

The appeal from the government from the NGOs like Norvergence is that industrial policies should be strong enough that the industries only set up after they pass the safety test.