Norvergence: Amazon Forest Fire and the Endless Allegation on Humans

The Amazon rainforest fire is one of the most dangerous fires recorded till now. The team Norvergence conducted an interactive session with the environmentalists associated with the Amazon rainforest wildfire. The whole world is shocked by the news that the fire has caused the forest and the villages around it. The researchers at Norvergence feel that now after the fire is controlled we all need to set our focus on the broader impact like global warming and atmospheric carbon emission caused by the fire.

There are many connecting dots that relate to this sensitive topic and support the allegations on humans that destroyed the beautiful Amazon forest to a great extent.

The Controversial Amazon Terminal

This controversy talks about the highway that was constructed by two Brazilian firms to export soybeans and grains. The Amazon forest was destroyed to some extent so that they could join the new terminal from where the cargo is shipping across the globe. The firm history also points towards the issue of deforestation caused by companies like Blackstone which owns more than 50 percent of Hidrovias.

Jair Bolsonaro and the rise in the deforestation Activity

As the president, Jair Bolsonaro pledged to increase activities related to agriculture in the Amazon to promote development in the region. There were many scientists and environmentalists that disagreed with his decision as they were more concerned about the deforestation that would be caused by the agricultural activities planned by Jair Bolsonaro.

Somewhere the controversial highway and the casual reaction of the president are the human actions that have out the forest into a dangerous situation. The environmentalists at Norvergence says that clarity can only be gained if the international organizations and the UN address the issue.