Norvergence: Effects of Climate Change on India

The environmentalist associated with environmental NGOs like Norvergence has always talked about climate change issues caused by emissions from industries and other human activity that contributes to making the world warmer, disrupting the rainfall patterns and increasing the frequency of extreme weather events. Source – Carbon Brief India is one such country that is in […]

Norvergence: From Finland to Estonia, analyze what different countries are doing for sustainable future

Norvergence believes and admits that we all have to learn a lot of lessons from these countries and their governments or organizations that have taken serious steps to counter global warming and climate change. Also, as we are getting feedback from our audience, they are eagerly waiting for the Norvergence next report on this. Norvergence […]

Norvergence’s Environmental Research Got Published on 4 Renowned Websites

In the era of increasing global warming, many environmentalists, politicians, artists, and social workers are trying to create a difference through different channels or methods. Norvergence is an initiative taken by a group of environmentalists to aware people regarding environmental issues and what we can do to tackle it. Their work got published on 4 […]

Norvergence: Economic Impacts of Climate Change in the US, China, Africa, Australia, and Europe

The impacts of climate change are already being observed across various geographic regions of the world. Norvergence, an NGO whose main aim is to aware of the people about the impacts of global warming and other environmental problems curated a list of few countries and continents whose economies will get severely affected by climate change.

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