Norvergence – Bhopal Gas Disaster

The industrial accident that took the lives of more than 3,747 people on the streets of Bhopal on 3rd December 1984. This accident has now become a lesson for all and a research topic for NGOs like Norvergence to study the cause and effects from an environmental point of view as well as from a […]

Norvergence: Amazon Forest Fire and the Endless Allegation on Humans

The Amazon rainforest fire is one of the most dangerous fires recorded till now. The team Norvergence conducted an interactive session with the environmentalists associated with the Amazon rainforest wildfire. The whole world is shocked by the news that the fire has caused the forest and the villages around it. The researchers at Norvergence feel […]

Norvergence LLC: Can Tree Plantation Help to Solve Climate Change Issues?

Tree plantation has the potential to make only a limited contribution to reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The team Norvergence LLC is working with its volunteers to create awareness about this fact that we should avoid excessive tree plantation. The researchers have pointed out that the survival rate of the tree planted is very […]

Norvergence: Mental Health and The Environment

Mental Health has become an area of concern and environmental issues have a major role to play in it. As per the research conducted on the mental health condition, the researchers at Norvergence have pointed towards environmental exposures like noise pollution, air pollution, weather conditions, housing conditions, etc, that have a major share in mental […]

Norvergence – Years of Living Dangerously (Dry Season)

The team Norvergence always tries to pull out events from the past that are directly or indirectly connected to the environment and climate change. One such a real topic is “Years of Living Dangerously” an American documentary television series focusing on global warming. The documentary is divided into different episodes and sessions each revolving around […]

Norvergence: All the Latest on the Saudi Oil Attacks

Norvergence does not justify the attack on Saudi oil fields but just try to educate the people regarding the greenhouse gases emitted from Saudi Aramco. The Middle-East is on a type of high alert after a drone bombing occurred on Saudi Arabia’s oil company Saudi Aramco’s oilfields. The blame game is on as the US […]

Norvergence: The relation between climate change and Syria’s civil war

Norvergence researchers worked day and night to collect and assemble the data related to the Syrian civil war, the 2nd deadliest war of the 21st century. Apart from factors such as religious tensions, sociopolitical tensions, bad condition of the economy, the one thing that no one discussed in detail is the climate change. Check the […]

Norvergence – The Pity Condition of Environmentalists

The aim of the Norvergence team behind this article is to make people aware of the threat and danger faced by environmentalists in the path of raising their voice against the activities that harm the environment. According to an investigation report named, “Deadly Environment,” around 147 environmentalists were murdered in 2012 and the number went […]

Norvergence: Cities That Are Doing the Most to Control Global Warming

Norvergence always supports and promotes individuals, groups, and governments that are taking measurable actions to fight environmental problems.   Image source: NRDC In the blog post, Norvergence cites a report of Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in which it mentioned the list of cities that are doing the most to control global warming. Melbourne Canberra The […]

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