About us


Norvergence is an environment preservation society constitutes of conservationists who are trying their level hard to spread awareness about environmental problems among all the sections of society.

Norvergence is dedicated to the study of the planet and what lies beyond the fragile line of atmosphere and how we are damaging it. The team focuses on furthering human knowledge about various environmental challenges such as desertification, rising sea level, resource shortage, deforestation, and increasing oceanic temperature.

The aim is to make sure that every citizen knows that without their individual effort, it’s impossible to turn the idea of sustainable development into reality.

Goals and Objectives

  • Communicate with relevant organizations and people to discuss problems such as global warming, melting of glaciers ice, etc.
  • Aware and educate people on environmental solutions (options and techniques).
  • To provide volunteer services for both the improvement and establishment of the botanical gardens and parks.
  • To encourage the use of material reclamation and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, etc.
  • To conduct training classes or courses for indigenous people, gardeners, supervisors, etc.
  • To organize lectures or seminars of reputed environmentalists, professors, leaders, in schools and colleges.

To reach these goals and objectives, we have to rely on good and sustainable practices. Norvergence has already implemented on a collective level and on an individual level, one can start by using a bicycle instead of a car, reduce wastage of food, and many more.