Norvergence – Bulk Tree-Plantation Made Easy with New Drone Technology

The team Norvergence has recently come across new tree-plantation technology i.e. a tree-planting drone used by a start-up named Biocarbon Engineering. This drone nor just helps in planting trees in bulk but also helps in collecting data of the areas that need tree plantation and even provides information about the fertility of the soil in […]

Norvergence: How to Protect the Environment in Daily Life

It’s time for us to realize that our environment needs help and protection for the human activities that are the major reason behind environmental degradation. The environmentalist at Norvergence has always encouraged people to take responsibility for their activities that are causing environmental problems like excessive use of plastic, electricity, water, and vehicles. Your little […]

Norvergence – Will Iraq Face Civil War and Does Dubai Has to Face Any Threat?

The US-Iran conflict was in the limelight when people suspected the chances of war and even the political people gave no statement that did not point towards the raising conflicts between Iraq and the US. The team Norvergence also tried to connect with people who could give some insight into the actual condition and rising […]

Norvergence: Climate Change is Man-Made

Years have passed and we still blame that the changes occurring in the climate are caused by man and their development ideas. The environmentalist and research of the environmental NGOs like Norvergence have tried every method to make the man-kind realize that what activities are contributing the most towards the climatic change and what are […]

Norvergence: Effects of Climate Change on India

The environmentalist associated with environmental NGOs like Norvergence has always talked about climate change issues caused by emissions from industries and other human activity that contributes to making the world warmer, disrupting the rainfall patterns and increasing the frequency of extreme weather events. Source – Carbon Brief India is one such country that is in […]

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