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Unfortunately, we live in a society where people are more offended by rationalists than by global warming, deforestation, warfare, etc.

Norvergence is an ideology that represents human efforts to save the planet by curbing global warming, melting of sea ice, pollution, and other environmental problems. Norvergence, through different activities and campaigns, is involved in protecting Mother Nature and also tries to restore a vibrant human life.

Recognizing the challenges that earth facing from pollution, the US-based organization acts on issues such as sustaining the coastal and marine ecosystem, beach access, water quality, deforestation, etc.


With its vast network across the United States, Norvergence argues governments and big corporations to reduce plastic consumptions and other materials that emit greenhouses gases.

The organization with the help of volunteers carries out many targeted campaigns to prevent the collapse of a polar bear and marine population.

The Norvergence Mission is to build a community of citizens who knows their responsibility towards society. The team behind Norvergence conducts meetings in schools, colleges, community centers, etc to aware people about global warming, pollution, deforestation, etc.

The team also carries out research to formulate environment policies and to ask the government to include the new amendments to the law.

Norvergence also blends research in the social sciences and practical solutions in an order to guide the world on a well-structured sustainable path.

The environmentalists also take the help of the world’s leading scientists (who study climate & atmosphere change, oceans, geology, freshwater systems, etc.) so that the best methods can be designed to address the environmental issue.

Norvergence appeals to the government and individuals to decrease their desire for economic improvements w.r.t the cost of the environment.



The Norvergence Mission is to build a community of citizens who knows their responsibility towards society. The team behind Norvergence conducts meetings in schools, colleges, community centers, etc to aware people about global warming, pollution, deforestation, etc.

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